” Fashion is my passion, my enthusiasm and my love.” 

At the age of nine, Claire discovered John Galliano in Hello Magazine. Her life’s mission began. Fiercely independent London-based Irish couturier Claire O’Connor has always uncompromisingly followed her beautiful, fashion-obsessed, unbound heart.


Claire O’ Connor is a powerful exponent of the principle of “the art that disguises art.”

Her vision is of the female form divine. The wearer comes first, but she appears in Claire’s hands to be lit from within.
Claire is a fashion practitioner – But her passion for and study of the structure of any given garment through careful and complex pattern cutting, is now the very thing that gives her freedom. What Lies Beneath might well be her modus operandi. On the exterior Claire’s designs appear to flow with the body giving it a sublimely shapely form. The outward drape and colour conceal a masterly structure, over which the seemingly effortless flow takes place. Every single piece is planned and executed with a scientific precision. As she develops as a designer, all her craftsmanship is for one purpose – to make the result look effortless, desirable, exciting and above all wearable.
Her command of the figurative – at which she is always learning – allows her huge freedom to explore.
Claire O’Connor never ceases to push the boundaries of fashion. But it is her craft – and her respect for the craft – which allows her to do so.


Claire O’Connor is a romantic expressionism which is founded on a very disciplined structure which celebrates the female form. Minimalism is eschewed in favour of an unapologetic commitment to glamour. Carefully sourced fabric, precision cutting and labour intensive attention to detail intertwine to become her signature. This is luxurious ready to wear.


The Claire O’Connor woman is her own woman, mistress of her own destiny. Highly individualistic and non conformist. Not a fashion victim or slave but has a finely tuned sense of the aesthetic. Loves beauty and craftsmanship. Loves clothes which emphasise the feminine form but which make a strong statement. She is not a shrinking violet. She sees clothes as a form of self expression and what she likes to express is joy in life. Likes people to notice her and admire her. Utterly confident.